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The British Game Alliance

The British Game Alliance is relatively new organisation set up to act as a marketing board for shot game meats and independent shoot assurances. Any organisation focused on championing Game to Plate cookery is one that will get our full support. Since its fruition the BGA has encouraged oversees markets and championed game cookery here […]

Fishing For Schools

Fishing for Schools is an incredible organisation designed to help young people re-engage with education via fishing. This campaign is championed by director and angling guru Charles Jardine. F4S has to date helped well over 2000 students many of whom have had their lives changed entirely. Jonathan is a very keen angler having grown up fishing […]

Eley Hawk innovation with the move to biodegradable wad system

Our media management clients Eley Hawk follow their 200 year old motto and continue to ‘Lead Shooting Performance’. Their latest VIP Steel Pro Eco range houses a wad that dissolves in 24 hours in water, will degrade in 30 days and break down into the soil in 3 months. The wad system is 100% Hydro soluble […]

Vario Hearables

Vario Hearables manufacture the most exciting and innovative custom fit inner ear hearables, now with Bluetooth technology. As an agency we are passionate about the products we work with and represent. It’s worth watching this short film we produced for Vario showcasing their complex manufacturing process.  

Leed Digital Agency

As a leading digital agency we can facilitate all the needs of our clients. In the past we have hosted and led events showcasing our agencies film, photography, presentations, graphic, communication and audio. If you have an event coming up or wish to do something little different, we’d love to hear from you.    

The Untamed Angler – Britain’s Iconic Fish

For the past two years we have been working hard creating something ICONIC. The Untamed Anglers are James Stokoe and Ripon Khalique who first met on the BBC’s Earth Wildest Waters, which James went on to win. Since their TV debut, which was viewed by millions, the pair teamed up to form this unlikely fishing […]

Zoli Shotguns

Jonathan is now proud to be able to represent Zoli Shotguns and their UK distributor Edgar Brothers. The Zoli Z-Sport is an incredible gun, designed for clay shooting. Featuring a drop out trigger, optional Bilanx balancing system, titanium coated sears and hammers for greater durability and corrosion protection.

Client Media Days

Is there a better way to celebrate your clients than introducing them to social media and press influencers for a huge clay shooting event. This unique event allowed almost 100 guests to use our clients products, provide valuable feedback whilst we created content for them all. We aim to replicate this again in the very […]

Our annual Jonathan M. McGee Client Media Day

This incredible event, first hosted in 2017, played host to some of the UK’s finest outdoor brands and businesses. Jonathan and his team created a unique event allowing a thorough test and showcase of their clients whilst getting feedback from the wider community. With brands like Longthorne, Eley, Remington, Nomad UK, Merkel and Yildiz all […]

Longthorne Guns

We support all of our clients in very different ways, each needs a new approach and has a different audience. Today we created unique and engaging film and photography content for our social media management clients Longthorne Guns. We joined them at Sporting Targets clay ground as they held one of their demo days.