The Untamed Anglers – Britain’s Iconic Fish

Live at the end of July.

We have now confirmed with our channel host (which we will announce very soon) that our first series Britain’s Iconic Fish will be live by the end of July 2021.

This has been a long time coming! With dozens of offers from channels in the UK and around the world we have chosen to use a the platform which can reach the most people and showcase fishing in the UK at its best.

James and Ripon’s journey started back in 2015 meeting on BBC’s fishing programme Earth’s Wildest Waters – The Big Fish. Despite being total strangers and in competition against each other, James and Ripon struck up a close friendship. James was fortunate enough to make the final and win. Two years later they decided to join forces and thus The Untamed Anglers were born. Their journey wouldn’t be complete without an expert on hand to guide them, a man that needs no introduction, Hywel Morgan.

This time however the adventure would be closer to home and concentrating on the incredible fish on our doorstep. Britain has some truly incredible fish residing in its waters that do not get the credit or coverage they deserve. Our show will showcase these species on film like never before and celebrate their status as Iconic Fish.

It’s was obviously hard for us to decide what species claim the Iconic Fish title and justify that status. We narrowed it down to our Top 8 with research and help from hundreds of anglers across the country. Our Iconic Fish series cover Game and Coarse categories over 6 action packed episodes.

Each episode consists of 2 parts, introducing famous figures from the fishing world, telling their story and sharing their fishing secrets.

Part One a species expert giving all 3 anglers a crash course on tactics and equipment, learning about the fish’s history, habitat and feeding, aiding our quest to catch the target species. Our guest shares their belief as to why that the species can be celebrated as one of Britain’s most iconic, as we weigh up the pros and cons of why it’s a contender through the history and lifecycle of the species and techniques and methods used to target them.

Part Two is the BIG competition. Two teams of 2 anglers go head to head, with a multitude of different competition rules and species no week is the same. We use everything we’ve learned from the previous day and all our fishing experience to help us succeed.

We hope you’ll join us on our journey and celebrate Britain’s Iconic Fish.