The Glyn Shoot

Jonathan McGee
Really excited to show you all this first new film that we’ve produced for The Glyn Shoot in North Wales.
Hosted by Sam Gittings we joined a shoot day on a cold and very wet day at the start of January. You’ll see from the footage that we had a great day with an unbelievable number of woodcock too!
This film will go live on our YouTube channel next week under or Game Map of Britain series. Here is a link to the channel;
Thanks again to Gunroom.Digital friends Simon and Collette for their wonderful company as ever and to expert cameraman and port drinker Danny who will be documenting these amazing days for us this coming year.
Should you have a day you want filming we’d love to hear from you. It’s our constant battle to improve how shooting is viewed by the general public so it doesn’t have to be high birds, double guns and posh cars, think friendly atmosphere and birds for the table and a bit of cooking.
Many thanks.