Fly Fishing Yorkshire

  Our friends at Fly Fishing Yorkshire offer fly fishing tuition in and around Yorkshire and Co. Durham.   Company owner and chief guide Olly Shepherd has established a company proven to provide the highest quality fly fishing tuition for everybody, whether it is your first time or you are an experienced angler. Olly and […]

Countryside Alliance

  The Countryside AllianceĀ is known for its work with wildlife and management, but its objectives are far broader than that incorporating food & farming, local businesses, services and the injustices of poor mobile phone signal and broadband in the countryside.   Representing the interests of country people from all backgrounds and geographical locations, The Countryside […]

Fishing for Schools

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The Untamed Anglers

  One of our most exciting projects to date.   For the past two years Jonathan and his team have been filming an incredible new TV series.   The adventure began when we were fortunate enough to join two extraordinary fisherman as they seek out adventure and exciting new piscatorial skills. James and Ripon, both […]