Fly Fishing on the Derwent

Jonathan McGee Fishing
A great day chasing wild fish on the Derbyshire Wye and Derwent. This time on the Haddon Hall Estate with the Peacock Fly Fishing Club.
This area of the country is well known for it’s fantastic head of wild fish, rainbows, browns and grayling (currently out of season). It doesn’t disappoint.
Joined by the formidable presence of world angling legend Hywel Morgan Fly Fishing we ventured out on to the Derwent early this morning in the hope of tempting a few trout to the net on nymphs before the hope of a hatch on the Wye around lunch. It was cold and windy but we managed a few good browns and a silly grayling!
The weather warmed so we headed to the Wye. No luck. Almost no hatch and no fish breaking the surface sadly. I blame the temp and snow showers! We ran olives, parachutes, caddis, sedge and all the favourites over the best pools but still zero.
A quick drive and back on the Derwent for the last couple of hours of daylight. More great wild browns! Sadly Hywel and I both lost big rainbows but this is another opportunity to head back again soon.
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